Savvy Online Money Search

Making money online is quite appealing that’s why more and more people are going online in search of an opportunity to earn. Whether it’s to supplement their income or earn a full-time income. Some people do fun stuff on their favorite website and get rewarded in cash. Besides profit, working online promises time freedom (people generally like to do what they want when they want). Working online full time automatically removes the stress usually associated with a brick and mortar environment; transportation costs, time lost while commuting and perhaps disagreeable co-workers or an obnoxious boss breathing down your neck.

There is also the widely held notion that a lot of money can be made online, usually without the need for a college degree and mostly with simplified methods that require minimal computer knowledge.

The advent of the internet brought with it an alternative economy and wherever there is an economy, there is money to be made.

As the internet continues to grow, become more viable and internet based models continue to replace brick and mortar operations, it’s easy to see why more opportunities are being created online. Not to mention the enormous potential for traffic.

While there are a lot of legit online opportunities, there are also a lot of BS on the internet, that are not exactly up to par with their hype or are just plain scams. After falling for such systems the newbie and indeed the not-so-new can become discouraged. However, a streamlined and systematic approach can give you a better chance of picking the right companies and programs.

 It is not OK to just go with a program because someone on your friend’s list suggested it to you, sometimes they don’t know any better and sometimes they do. 


#Check if the company is registered

Before you join a company, program or system, it is wise to check if the business is legit, to begin with. To find out if a company is registered, do the following:-


    1. Go to, click on the globe icon and enter your location and click set location button.

    2. Type in the business URL in the Find box and clear the Near box if it displays your recent location.

    3. Hit the search button.  A tab will appear with the message “For best results, please add a location”.

    4. Hit the “No, Thanks” button. This should take you to a page with a list of businesses with related names. 

     5. Scroll down and click on the business you are looking for.


The next page is an overview with the business name, business phone number(s), amount of years in business, address, a button that points to the website and additional information.

The overview page may display a message “THIS BUSINESS IS NOT BBB ACCREDITED”.

Companies are not obligated to get accreditation. Indeed, giants like yahoo and google are not accredited so this should be no cause for alarm. A BBB rating should suffice.

#Check for reviews

No matter how genuine an offer sounds or how trustworthy the person who referred you to a program is take your time to search for reviews on youtube and google. It is a good idea to take a look at several reviews on forums like warriorforum and realscam where people give their opinions or share their personal experiences with a system or program.

You could also search for scam buster blogs. These bloggers have taken it upon themselves to do indepth research on the companies, finding out names and addresses, track record and even pictures of website owners. 


#Contact customer service

If the company provide a phone number or an email address, contact them and ask them questions. One mistake people make is to take a system at face value. If you are going to part with your money. It’s a good idea to communicate with the people who you are giving your money to beforehand.


#Look for inconsistencies

Many systems are deliberately designed to fail after a short life, The first comers get good results as is the case with Ponzi schemes. These unsuspecting people sell the programs to newcomers, after a while, the creators decide they have lined their pockets enough, then close up shop. So even if earlier reviews sound good, you need to look for more up to date consumer reactions.

Understand that a good sales video does not mean an authentic program and sometimes the tell tale signs are in these videos, phony actors, prop money etc. Occasionally, someone makes a slip.

A fine sales strategy marketers use to capture buyers is creating a sense of urgency. If you are not sure of a business or feel something is off, it is not a crime to hold on a little longer to your hard earned money especially if it involves a substantial amount.


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