Why Scam Programs Persist

If a system is a scam then why is it still everywhere on the internet? Why are people still falling for it even after several years? It seems that no matter what the majority of the reviews say about a system, there are still quite a few that say the opposite making it difficult to tell what works or what does not.


Really, sometimes, the systems are not scams, but for one reason or the other, they are not uneasy to navigate. The process of setting up a system and getting it to work may require quite some effort and a certain type of knowledge. Unfortunately, people are looking for a one-click-does-all type of opportunity, so when they cannot figure out the process of how a given system works they get frustrated and put a review out to give the system a bad name without doing what is required. The truth is that no matter how easy something is there is always the proverbial one guy. And sometimes there are quite a number of them.


Marketers are continually looking for smart new ways of grabbing the attention of potential customers. There is no problem with this. Anyone who has anything to sell should definitely consider ways to get people beating a path to their door and to keep old customers coming back. However, some marketers are outright dishonest and have no problem lying about their programs. When customers opt in, they discover something different from what was promised and usually not what it’s cost. For many people, the fact that they were sold a lie is more painful than actually parting with their money – this is not to say that being tricked out of one’s hard-earned money is not painful. So a person who signs up for the system may say it’s a scam not because it doesn’t work, at some sub-level but because they have been lied to and what they got was not what they were made to pay for. There are systems that go as far as setting up multiple payment levels to get full access. These payments are typically more expensive than the one on the first payment page. Some people are not willing or capable of making the financial commitment. They think, “If you are being dishonest to me now how much more dishonest will you get as we go”.


Some people make a financial commitment by either buying or subscribing to a program, discover that they have been bamboozled, and proceed to recoup their loss and profit off the ignorance of others. They perpetuate the lie. This is the reason why you should do your own research. Some of the people going around promoting these programs know very well that they are snake oil, but having been beaten and want to bite others. It’s the veritable vampire effect.


Like the typical Ponzi scheme, some of these programs are designed to also profit the early birds, the early birds then serve as bait for the next group of unsuspecting customers. The money generated from new members are used to pay the old members. If you saw a review of one of these early subscribers, it would definitely be positive. For this reason, make sure you are watching or reading recent reviews and pay attention to what the user’s complaints are. Are they having problems with withdrawals? are payments being delayed? Things like that.


Finally, some of the people that create these programs, just like they hire actors, also pay people to leave fake reviews.


While we do not intend to discourage you from taking action and making your online lifestyle a reality, we would like you to be conscious of the reality of the online environment as it is today, and if by reading this post we have made even one person more internet savvy, and perhaps by extension saved them some money, then our job is done.

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